Outsourcing HR – why would we do that then?

Outsourcing HR – why would we do that then?

Outsourcing HR – why would we do that then?

Facing increased pressure to cut costs and optimize HR service delivery models, organizations continue to look to HR outsourcing (HRO) for performance and cost advantages—and the majority of HRO providers are delivering.


Let’s face it, outsourcing is nothing new… we have all heard the ‘buzz’ word for the last 20+ years.


With new paths to value emerging, the HRO industry has experienced solid growth and is projected to increase by 8.5 percent year over year through 2019, developing into a $100B market. This projected growth represents a crucial time for providers to permeate the market. They can also gain market share by offering clients new outsourcing services and additional models to leverage outsourcing capabilities.


Outsourcing is the final evolution of an efficient 21st century lean and profitable business model.


Outsourcing allows a company to increase their flexibility and creativity with a laser focused strategy on their core business.


The keys to good HR outsourcing:

1.      Reduced overhead costs - For starters, outsourcing may just save you money; lots of money when it comes to an experienced enough HR professional rather than a full time employee with salary, benefits and perks!

2.      Expertise - It’s hard to be on top of it all when you can only afford an entry level HR Assistant in your budget, but have the daily need of executive level expertise and training. Entry level salaries get you entry level skills and knowledge.

3.      Compliance and Efficiencies – can you safely say you are compliant with your employees Right to Work or with GDPR 2018? Has your HR got the time to invest into new ways of working to become more efficient?

4.      Employee satisfaction – Are your employees happy? Have you carried out a regular survey to monitor satisfaction in the work place. Do you have that friendly face in the office who is the go to? Maybe employees prefer to have someone who is slightly detached from the company to go to.

Common excuses from company leaders:

1.     Comment ‘We are too small to require HR, I do this myself’


Answer – But are you compliant? Are you on top of UK regulations and requirements?


2.     Comment ‘I cannot afford to hire someone in HR’


Answer – How do you know you can’t afford it? Here at Talie Prowse we offer Advice services as part of a package or one-off options to take the stress and cost out of the services we provide. How can you NOT afford it with the possible consequences for not following UK regulation and requirement? Especially with the never-ending changes in employment law. A single mistake can open you up to fines, penalties and even imprisonment.


3.     Comment ‘It’s too much hassle to outsource a company I can really truly depend on and trust’

Answer – Talie Prowse truly care, treat their clients as their own employees and cater to your individual needs. We listen and we follow through!


Outsourcing is the answer…. Talie Prowse is the answer!


Do you have a specific or general question relating to HR – please contact Talie Prowse on:

Telephone: 01344 741094

Email: emma.watt@talieprowse.com

Here to help with:

·        Supporting local or global businesses

·        Bespoke HR solutions for all your needs

·        Support from Hiring to Exit Interview

·        Supporting one off projects

·        On-hand support during and after implementation



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